H2 refueling systems with breakaway coupling from WALTHER-PRÄZISION

H2 refueling systems with breakaway coupling from WALTHER-PRÄZISION

Environmental protection and drive technology using renewable energy sources are currently gaining in importance and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

Paint Wetting Impairment Substances – Harmful to Paint Structures

Paint Wetting Impairment Substances – Harmful to Paint Structures

Flexible planning for the diverse taks of robot production plants – today and tomorrow

Save time and money through the adaptability, flexibility and compatibility of our tool changing systems – benefit from our global experience in the automotive industry!

SIP & CIP with WALTHER-Quick Couplings

Since the 1950s, the cleaning of closed systems has become increasingly important.In the beginning, the systems had to be manually disassembled and cleaned when changing products or if other cleaning was required.

ADR (carriage of dangerous goods by road) / RID (carriage of dangerous goods by rail): European type approval in accordance with Directive 2010/35/EU

The quick-release couplings of our Clean Break series CN meet the requirements of the Directive 2010/35 / EU on transportable pressure equipment in conjunction with ADR / RID 2017 and DIN EN 14432: 2014 for dangerous goods.

Quality seal „Made in Germany” – WALTHER-PRAEZISION has been awarded

Introduced by the United Kingdom in 1887 to belittle the quality of rival German products, over the time the seal “Made in Germany” developed to a sign of superior quality. Today, the brand strength of “Made in Germany” is ranking first in the “Made-In-Country” index.

Nitric Acid

Specifics and dangers when handling with nitric acid

Carbon dioxide CO2: Explosive decompression – elastomeric seals during decoupling

The destructive “explosive decompression” (AED / Anti-Explosive Decompression) of gases, and in particular of CO2, impacts a wide variety of applications in various industries and can cause loss of function to pressure-bearing components if no special precautions are taken.

The challenges for component manufacturers in mechanical engineering: Industry 4.0 / Internet of Things (IOT)

The challenges posed by issues involving Industry 4.0 and the increasing spread of IOT as a result of ever-progressing digitisation are very special for classic mechanical engineering components such as hydraulic or pneumatic connecting elements or corresponding quick-release coupling systems:

Prevention of explosion hazards with ATEX-compliant products

To avert potential hazards to humans, the environment and processes, the extent of responsibilities and obligations regarding compliance with all regulations and guidelines has steadily increased in recent years. This affects both manufacturers and operators of technical systems, from the initial…

Dezincification of brass – or selective corrosion

What is selective corrosion (dezincification of brass)?

The ATEX Guideline of the European Union at a glance

The term “ATEX” refers to ATmosphères Explosibles (explosive atmospheres).

Technical Catalogue by WALTHER-PRÄZISION

Carl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KG (founded in 1931) with its brand WALTHER-PRÄZISION is a worldwide leading developer and quality manufacturer of mono and multi couplings as well as docking systems, “Made in Germany”.   Industries: Automotive, aerospace, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, steel, offshore, medical technology, traffic engineering, machinery and plant engineering as well as… Continue reading Technical Catalogue by WALTHER-PRÄZISION

High temperature, high pressure clean break coupling from WALTHER-PRÄZISION

WALTHER-PRÄZISION presents its new “DD” quick coupling series.

New clean break coupling for high-pressure applications

WALTHER-PRÄZISION, a leading manufacturer of quick coupling systems, presents its extended high-temperature clean-break coupling series for the first time at HANNOVER MESSE 2017.

For Varnishing: Coupling 03-005

The self-locking couplings of the type 03-005 are developed especially for challenging liquids in varnish or paint processing industries like automotive, wood processing, engineering, repair or paint workshops to connect paint spray guns.

Test of „Flying Hydraulic Systems“

Worldwide, aircrafts are serviced on highly specialized facilities and tested by especially equipped test benches. Such systems require particularly reliable couplings made of virtually wear-free materials in a endurable design.

Non-interchangeable security on flexible media interfaces

The requirements for flexible media interfaces are varied and go far beyond a fast connection of mobile components with stationary systems. In many production processes, it is important to avoid an incorrect fluidic media line coupling already during the design phase of system planning. The basic…

Key Area: Test Engineering – Rationalisation by Automation

Automation solutions today pervade almost all production stages in the fields of production and assembly technique. This trend has meanwhile reached the area of final checks.

Sterile couplings for supply lines and sampling

At the TechnoPharm WALTHER-PRÄZISION, a division of Carl Kurt Walther GmbH & Co. KG, once again presents their wide range of innovative quick coupling systems for the sterile technology. These couplings are used wherever lines for fluid or gaseous media need to be quickly and safely connected…