docking systems

Docking systems are automatic multi-coupling / multi-coupling systems that can be perfectly integrated into controlled sequences and processes. Using built-in sensors, a docking system can provide a higher-level control system with precise data on the respective position or status of its coupling halves.

Docking systems connect and disconnect several fluid or electrical lines using an electric, pneumatic or hydraulic drive. They consist of a fixed half, on which the locking coupling elements are located, and a loose half with the locking nipple elements, which connect to their counterpart during the coupling process. With multi-coupling systems of this type, different electrical and fluid elements can be coupled together simultaneously. These are, for example, electrical, measuring or power connectors as well as through, lock or clean break couplings, which are designed for different media and pressure ranges. The arrangement of the couplings prevents lines from being accidentally connected incorrectly. They also prevent media residues from being released into the environment by sealing all elements with low leakage when disconnecting. Furthermore, standardisation means that the lines can be connected and disconnected both safely and quickly, which can be done automatically at any time without the need for additional tools.

Docking systems without feeding unit

Docking Systems with connection system