special programme

Series CH

Clean break screw-type couplings for hydraulics

Series CI-T

Clean break coupling for demanding tempering tasks

Series CN

Clean break coupling with bayonet locking

Type FF-005 / 15-005

Clean break coupling for hydraulic labs

RFID Couplings

Series HG – refueling nozzle

Hydrogen refueling nozzle

series HG – breakaway

Hydrogen refueling – Breakaway Coupling

Series TE

PTFE-equipped  quick couplings

Types TE-010-Z03 / TE-016-Z02

Couplings equipped with PTFE seals for superheated steam

Type TT-009

WALcryo – Cryogenic quick coupling

Type TT-013

WALcryo – Cryogenic quick coupling

Type 01-018

CIP / SIP Straight-through coupling

Type 03-005

Paint and lacquer connector

Type 04-005

Breathing air coupling

Type 07-003-Y32

Quick fit coupling

Series 11-012 / 11-019

High temperature couplings

Type 13-019

Coaxial quick couplings for electrics and fluids

Type 15-012

CIP / SIP quick-release coupling with pawl lock

Types 33-005 / 33-009

CIP / SIP quick coupling with automatic locking mechanism

Type 89-004

Medical gas supply coupling for Mini-Shraeder

Type 15-050

SIP clean break coupling

Type 40-030

CIP / SIP and clean break coupling

Type 89-006

Medical gas supply – plug-in couplings in various country standards

Type CI-025

Temperable clean break coupling