Quality seal „Made in Germany” – WALTHER-PRAEZISION has been awarded

Introduced by the United Kingdom in 1887 to belittle the quality of rival German products, over the time the seal “Made in Germany” developed to a sign of superior quality. Today, the brand strength of “Made in Germany” is ranking first in theMade-In-Country-Index

WALTHER-PRAEZISION is a “Made in Germany” manufacturer and as one of the technology leaders in the sector of quick couplings, we will consistently use the locational advantage in Haan, North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany for our customers:

– Traditionally incorporated quality awareness
– Outstandingly trained employees
– Unique industrial supplier network with short ways
– Surrounded by numerous worldwide recognized research and testing institutes

Combined with many years of experience in construction, manufacturing and testing of quick couplings, this regional base ensures a constant high-quality level of all supplied quick coupling systems for the various standard program as well as for customer-specific application solutions – documented and certified upon request. It also ensures that WALTHER-PRAEZISION can continue to fulfill its own claim of being a premium manufacturer.

As one of the 173 companies developing and manufacturing in Germany WALTHER-PRAEZISION has been awarded with the Quality seal „Made in Germany”
In cooperation with the Institute for Management and Economic Development the independent experts of the Hamburg Institute of Economy have awarded this quality label to 173 companies Germany-wide across its industries.

A detailed report can be found in the “stern” magazine, edition 23/19 starting on page 56.

When does the quality seal apply?

To be entitled to this seal the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart decided already in 1995 that the significant components and the decisive properties of the products shall be based on German performance within Germany. This is fully accomplished by WALTHER-PRAEZISION. The necessary raw materials as steels and seals are sourced in Germany and Western Europe whenever possible. Given its availability all raw materials – in case the raw materials are not recycled in a sustainable way – are also sourced in Western Europe. Doing so the directives and regulations for Conflict Minerals, RoHS and REACH are observed.