clean-break (up to 650 bar, 10,000 psi)

Series BF

Stainless steel clean-break coupling for challenging fluids or gases

Series CI

Clean Break coupling for demanding tempering tasks

Series CH

Clean-break screw-type couplings for hydraulics

Type 40-030

CIP / SIP and Clean Break Coupling

Series DD

High temperature- high pressure clean-break couplings

Series HC

Clean-break flat-face couplings

Series CP

Clean-break Couplings with automatic lock

Type FF-005 / 15-005

Didactics Coupling for hydraulic teaching labs

Series CK

Clean-break couplings from PVDF

Series CT

Clean-break couplings up to 64 bar / 928 psi

Series CN

Clean-break coupling with bayonet locking

Series CG

Clean-break couplings for water coolant