clean break (up to 650 bar / 10,000 psi)

Series BF

Stainless steel clean-break coupling for challenging fluids or gases

Series CG

Clean break couplings for water coolant

Series CH

Clean break screw-type couplings for hydraulics

Series CH

Clean break screw type couplings for hydraulics

Series CI-T

Clean break coupling for demanding tempering tasks

Series CN

Clean break coupling with bayonet locking

Series CP

Clean break couplings with automatic lock

Series CT

Clean break couplings up to 64 bar / 928 psi

Series DD

High temperature and high pressure clean break couplings

Type FF-005 / 15-005

Clean break coupling for hydraulic labs

Series HC

Clean break flat-face couplings

Type 15-050

SIP clean break coupling

Type 40-030

CIP / SIP and clean break coupling