Flexible planning for the diverse taks of robot production plants – today and tomorrow

Save time and money through the adaptability, flexibility and compatibility of our tool changing systems – benefit from our global experience in the automotive industry!

Robot-controlled manufacturing processes, such as those used in the body shop production of the automotive industry, have changed considerably in recent years. Line production, in which each robot had a specific task, has evolved into flexible cell production. Various assembly technologies and handling applications are performed by only one robot.
To make this possible, tool changers from WALTHER-PRÄZISION are the first choice for global automobile manufacturers. Also foundries, beverage producers, brickworks, tire manufacturers and many other industrial companies with demanding production environment prefer WALTHER systems to make their own production more flexible, cost-effective and efficient.

Adaptable and flexible for ever changing demands

The WALTHER ToolMaster-800 provides the advantages of a perfectly balanced system of tool changers and associated tool stations, enabling the optimum benefits of robot production:

  • Adaptable: Large variety of adaptable technologies such as gripping, resistance spot welding, friction welding, gluing, clinching, flow drilling screws, punch riveting, etc.
  • Flexible: Long-term secure, sustainable investment due to a wide variety of adaptation and expansion options for existing WALTHER tool changers to new technology requirements
  • Productive: Increased line availability and reduced maintenance efforts through wear-optimized material pairings and self-centring tool chucks.
  • Safe: Optimum plant and personal protection of all associated electrical systems and operators through electrical potential compensation according to DIN VDE 0100
  • Trouble-free: Transmission of analogue and/or digital signals through well shielded connector housings
  • Durable: no electrical arcing of electrical contacts due with automatic voltage shut-off during the docking process
  • Precise: high point-to-point repeatability of 0.02 mm.

Compatible to fit the system
Thanks to its compatibility, the WALTHER ToolMaster-800 offers the planner many degrees of freedom when configuring a plant installation in addition to the security of a proven changer technology.

Which robots? With double pitch circle diameters of 160 mm or200 mm and the possibility of using M10 or M12 screws, the ToolMaster-800 allows for the direct and simple connection to fit a wide range of robots.

Will my tool fit? With maximum bending and torsional moments of 7,375lb-ft (10kNm) and a maximum rated payload of 1,763lb (800kg), almost any tool or tool brand can be used.

Easy and fast commission? As a “Plug & Play” system, the smart connection solutions of the ToolMaster-800 allow a reliable and easy installation of the robot and its tools.

The TM800 has been developed with WALTHER-PRÄZISION’s experience in coupling systems. The 80 plus years of experience with these systems makes the TM800 the tool changer with the best cost of ownership

Conclusion:Anyone who wants to handle a wide variety of manufacturing requirements in their production line and at the same time cannot pass up maximum flexibility will appreciate the ToolMaster-800 system from WALTHER-PRÄZISION.