Key Area: Test Engineering - Rationalisation by Automation

Automation solutions today pervade almost all production stages in the fields of production and assembly technique. This trend has meanwhile reached the area of final checks.

WALTHER-PRÄZISION as a technology leader in quick-coupling systems has been accompanying this development since the very beginning and therefore offers a wide range of application oriented multi-couplings for the automation of test stands.

These systems are for instance used in development test stands as well as in test bays for series tests of combustion engines and serve docking to fluidic and electrical lines.

In order to be able to use the complex and costly test stands optimally set-up time has to be reduced to the minimum. For the resulting and still increasing demand for compact, varied and easy-to-operate docking systems WALTHER-PRÄZISION has already developed a variety of different customer-oriented solutions.

If automated motion sequences are installed by the customer than they might be used for connecting new multi-couplings. Those systems could be equipped additionally with mechanical locking devices to secure the coupling halves in the connected state when fully pressure loaded.

If automated motion sequences are not installed in the customer design multi-couplings can be additionally equipped with their own hydraulic or pneumatic drives.

A further option are multi-couplings in pull-in technique, which is force neutral. This is an adequate alternative whenever the connection and reaction forces of a multi-coupling with an integrated drive cannot or should not be loaded to the support structures of the customer design.

Today multi-couplings of WALTHER-PRÄZISION can integrate almost all combinations of fluid and electrical coupling elements. So the extensive programme of customer-oriented multi-connections is well proven for most different applications in many industries.

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