H2 refueling systems with break-away coupling from WALTHER-PRÄZISION

Environmental protection and drive technology using renewable energy sources are currently gaining in importance and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future. Electromobility and with it fuel cell technology or hydrogen as a sustainable energy carrier are increasingly used. These hydrogen-powered vehicles are not only emission-free and thus environmentally friendly, but also enable similar ranges as comparable vehicles with combustion engines.
For many years, WALTHER has been developing and manufacturing fittings for a wide range of hydrogen applications, especially also refueling systems for gaseous hydrogen (- 40 °C) and for pressures up to 700 bar.
Based on many years of experience in handling the demanding medium hydrogen, WALTHER’s H2 refueling systems are designed to enable a high flow rate and an extremely short refueling time of approx. three minutes with the lowest pressure drop. In doing so, WALTHER offers its customers system solutions that are completely interlinked within and qualified in all components.
In addition to a refueling system for 700 bar, the WALTHER product portfolio also includes solutions for 350 bar and 350 bar high-flow (HF) applications. Components of a WALTHER refueling system include, in addition to the refueling interface itself, a suitable high-pressure hose package, an emergency break-away coupling and a parking station adapted to the requirements of cryogenic hydrogen.
In combination with the WALTHER parking station, the specially designed refueling couplings enable uninterrupted, safe refueling of directly successive vehicles at one refueling station, even under unfavorable climatic conditions. Free of icing!

For safe operation of refueling stations, an emergency break-away coupling is also integrated into each refueling station. This emergency separation device from WALTHER offers the highest level of safety should a vehicle move away from the filling station during the refueling process. In this case, the WALTHER break-away coupling disconnects the connection reliably and without damage. This safely prevents the escape of hydrogen and thus the formation of a potentially dangerous explosive gas mixture. This happens completely independently of the pressure inside the fuel line, which can be up to 875 bar. At the same time, a brake device protects people in the breakaway zone from being injured by the components. The emergency separation is triggered in a completely non-destructive manner. This makes it possible to restore operational readiness quickly and easily. A cost-intensive service visit can be omitted.
In addition to refueling systems, WALTHER, as one of the technology leaders in the field of connection technology and with its quick coupling program comprising over 400,000 variants, offers optimally configured coupling solutions for the diverse and demanding connection tasks in a wide variety of applications. For special requirements, the WALTHER team quickly and competently develops custom-fit solutions, also for your areas of application.

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