medical technology

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Screw and plug-in couplings for gas supply in medical technology

Gas-specific screw and plug-in couplings are employed for the supply of medical gas to hospital beds, operating theatres or intensive care units. The monocouplings are suitable for vacuum and various gaseous media, such as air, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide. To ensure the proper connection of the correct coupling half, quick-release couplings have a non-interchangeable design with country-specific moulded closures. They can also be equipped with angled plugs and other appropriate accessories, such as quick-release axles, multi-outlet ports distributors or fine adjustment valves.

Quick-release couplings for dialysis applications in medical technology

Monocouplings are employed in the medical field for dialysis and are used to supply water to the dialysis filters, to supply the water circuits of the dialysis machines and for the concentrate and waste water lines of the dialysis machines. The quick-release couplings are precisely adapted to the respective media conveyed in the lines, be it water, dialysis concentrate or waste water. Depending on the area of application, the non-interchangeability of the couplings is ensured by different colour markings or several designs. The couplings are easy to clean in accordance with the high hygiene and safety requirements in medical technology.

Breathing air couplings in medical technology

Breathing air supply is a demanding and safety-relevant area in medical technology and requires correspondingly high-quality quick-release couplings. They are used, among other things, for breathing masks for fire brigades, rescue personnel and for personnel exposed to hazardous vapours and gases or contaminated atmospheres. The quick-release couplings are equipped with a safety mechanism that prevents unwanted decoupling. The inhaled air couplings are also employed on the central or mobile units and gas cylinders that are used to generate and prepare the inhaled air. Coaxial couplings are not only designed for inhaled air, but also for communication lines. All inhaled air couplings are fail-safe and particularly robust and durable, so that their functionality is ensured even under heavy external loads.

Universal couplings in medical technology

A variety of universal couplings are used in the medical technology sector. Depending on the nominal width and type, they are designed for pressures of up to 60 bar. The quick couplings are suitable for handling liquid and gaseous media and satisfy the very highest international safety standards. They are available in various materials, including PVDF and V4A, and are equipped with a mechanical coding that ensures the non-interchangeable connection of the coupling halves.

Clean-break couplings in medical technology

Low-leakage quick couplings in clean-break technology ensure quick, simple and safe coupling of lines in medical technology without loss of media and ingress of atmosphere into the line system. They are employed at higher temperatures and wherever particularly toxic, aggressive or (non-) lubricating media are conveyed in the line. Depending on their nominal width and material design, they are designed for operating pressures of up to 60 bar.

Monocouplings for computer tomography equipment in medical technology

Special quick-release couplings with a plug or screw cap connect the cooling lines leading to the X-rays in computer tomography equipment. They are capable of withstanding high accelerations and meet the highest demands in terms of tightness. Clean-break screw couplings ensure coupling without air pockets in the cooling medium and thus guarantee the proper functioning of the CT units. Lines can be decoupled with virtually no loss of medium.