Sterile couplings for supply lines and sampling

Quick couplings are also successfully applied in the pharmaceutical industry for optimising procedures and shortening payback periods. In the past bolt or clamp flanges were predominantly used, requiring more staff and resulting in longer down times of the systems due to their complicated handling. Switching to the user-friendly quick couplings brings considerable cost savings.

The use of these systems in the sterile technology makes high demands on the material. For this reason, WALTHER-PRÄZISION recommends couplings made of high-quality stainless steel. The sterile couplings are manufactured as standard with material certificates to DIN EN 10204-3.1.

WALTHER couplings for sampling or other laboratory applications in a sterile environment are designed with extremely few dead spots to prevent the accumulation of fluid residues, for example of liquid medicines. The valve springs are positioned outside the media flow and all surfaces inside the couplings are precision machined Ra < 0.8 µ). CIP-able and SIP-able
The inside of the sterile couplings is designed in such a way that lines can be easily flushed. CIP-ability (Cleaning in Place) and SIP-ability (Sterilisation in Place) are ensured. Consequently, critical amounts of germs cannot accumulate inside the couplings. The test holes in the larger sterile couplings are a useful feature, through which the user can also sterilise the spring clips outside the flow area. Thus germs are professionally removed from inside the coupling even here.

The interior of the couplings can be cleaned and sterilised together with the entire line according to the particular hygiene requirements, for example by CIP or in-line steam sterilisation. In general, the user only needs to sterilise the front faces of fixed and free half before connecting the coupling to remove germs here as well.

Because of the latest developments (for example type 40-030) even this step could be dispensed with, owing to an innovative design. The design of the sterile coupling 40-030 is such that all outer surfaces of the coupling system are sealed from each other, having no contact with the conveyed media. This little technical miracle provides the responsible user with a much safer and, at the same time, more comfortable way of handling sensitive media.

Germ Reduction
Upon request, WALTHER– stainless steel couplings can be equipped with abrasion-resistant germ reducing surfaces in order to reduce the transfer of germs regarding critical use. The CIP and SIP ability remains unaffected thereby.

Versatile coupling programme
In many cases high-quality standard products by WALTHER with conventional valve technology are already very well suited for applications involving less critical media, as for example water supply, disposal of waste water or simple gases. On customer request these too can be supplied with precision machined or with germ reducing surfaces, upon request, surfaces. The choice of seals depends on the fluid used and on the ambient conditions.

Thanks to their advanced seal technology, some of WALTHER’s self-sealing couplings are also suited for numerous acid and caustic media. Their safe, quick and easy handling renders the use of these couplings particularly cost-effective, especially at interfaces or filling stations with high demands on cleanliness. In order to further increase the operating safety, it is possible to key the couplings to avoid wrongly connected appliances.

Active environmental protection
WALTHER-PRÄZISION meets high quality standards to protect humans and the environment from critical fluids. Many of the couplings used in chemical and pharmaceutical industry can be supplied with a certification to TA-Luft (Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control).