New clean break coupling for high-pressure applications

This new “DD” quick coupling series is designed specifically for use under high-temperature chemical conditions, for hydraulic applications with high thermal loads, for synthesis processes, as well as for special applications within the petro-chemical sector. Depending on the nominal widths, it is suitable for operating pressures of up to 250 bar. The components are made from high-quality materials that are both thermally and chemically resistant, and may thus be used for critical gases and liquids up to a temperature of 250 °C. The coupling is manufactured using high-quality stainless steel and the smooth surfaces ensure easy cleaning of the quick coupling along with long service life. In addition, the service-friendly design with removable valves and replaceable O-rings considerably reduces the operating costs of the system in the long-term. The couplings are available in the nominal widths DN 6, 9, 12 and 16 mm and are also, typically for WALTHER, already available with multiple connection versions.

Another focus of the exhibits presented by WALTHER is the tried and tested clean break quick couplings of the CN series, fitted with mechanical coding or with RFID initiators for confusion-free coupling to ensure safe filling, loading and transfer.

Equipped in this way, the quick couplings reliably counteract the consequences that may be caused by the confusion of lines with aggressive or unhealthy media, thus enabling fault-free, safe and quick separation and connection. The sophisticated clean break technology reduces both residual leaks when separating, as well as air entry when coupling, down to a physical minimum. The robustly designed mechanical guidance of the CN couplings offers simple handling when coupling and, with the help of a swivel-mounted connecting piece, reduces the wear of the media interface caused by hose torsion. WALTHER also offers ring grips to further increase ergonomics.

The CN series is also suitable for quick coupling of lines in which the line pressure is not fully dissipated during the coupling process. Here, the WALTHER ring grips reduce the strength needed for coupling and provide increased operating comfort. The couplings of the CN series reach excellent flow values and are available in the nominal widths DN 25, 40, 50, 80, and 100 mm.

Another innovation being presented by WALTHER-PRÄZISION are the clean break cooling water subassembly elements of the CG-C series, in the nominal widths 6 mm through 50 mm. This meets the trend towards more effective cooling of modular electronic high-performance systems with fluid-based cooling systems. To change those electro modules WALTHER-PRÄZISION has developed completely spray-free clean-break elements. These elements separate the line connections reliably, with no spray or droplets. Electronic modules are safely protected from damages caused by coolant when changing modules, when expanding the system or in the event of repairs, thus ensuring safe and reliable system operation. Of course, all WALTHER-PRÄZISION subassembly elements can be adapted flexibly to the connection situation at the customer location.

Further, WALTHER-PRÄZISION is showing the well proven, comprehensive range of monocouplings for low, medium and high-pressure applications as well as many innovations regarding modular concept solutions of multicoupings and docking systems in compact design. Last but not least, the most recent developments in tool changing systems, production automation, or material flow solutions/handling are also presented.

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