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Coupling systems from WALTHER-PRÄZISION in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

WALTHER-PRÄZISION has been developing and manufacturing monocouplings and multicouplings as well as docking systems since 1951. These systems enable the fast, simple and safe disconnection and connection of lines. Our coupling systems are used wherever liquid, gaseous, often difficult media, electrical and optical signals as well as power current are to be transmitted. WALTHER couplings are renowned for their easy handling and high efficiency thanks to optimum flow rates. In addition, optionally selectable non-interchangeability of the coupling halves excludes incorrect connections in advance and ensures the correct coupling of the media lines. Due to their reliability, durability and longevity, they meet the highest requirements even under extreme environmental conditions.

Monocouplings (universal couplings) in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry

Monocouplings for universal use in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry must comply with the highest international safety standards when handling liquid and gaseous media. When using particularly toxic, aggressive, lubricating or non-lubricating media, they still have to meet additional requirements in applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. WALTHER universal couplings are non-interchangeable: they are equipped with mechanical coding and/or colour coding in order to exclude safety-critical connection errors. Splash-free connection and disconnection of lines addresses crucial aspects of sustainability and environmental protection, especially in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Dry clutches are designed to be piggable and, if necessary, CIP- and SIP-capable. Safe and easy handling is ergonomically possible with larger nominal sizes by means of additional ring handles. Depending on the application, the monocouplings are made of customised materials such as stainless steel or PVDF. Depending on the nominal size and type, they are designed for the application-specific pressure stages and ensure reliable coupling and decoupling even under adverse environmental conditions.

Laboratory applications and sampling

Monocouplings for laboratory applications and sampling have to meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. To prevent any risk to humans and the environment, they are drip-free thanks to clean-break technology and allow easy and problem-free handling of even aggressive or toxic media. In order to prevent line connection errors, the quick connect couplings are also to be equipped with non-interchangeable codings or closures. CIP (Clean-in-Place) and SIP-capable (Sterilisation-in-Place) also ensure optimum cleaning of couplings.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry and sterile couplings

Sterile couplings are indispensable, especially in sensitive applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Whether loading intermediate and end products, producing cosmetics, implementing ultra-pure water applications, sampling, fermenting or filling inoculation flasks; all areas are subject to the highest hygiene standards. The sterile couplings are therefore low in dead space, CIP (Clean-In-Place) and SIP-capable (Sterilisation-in-Place) and allow simple and effective cleaning. Based on the respective application and nominal size, the couplings are suitable for ultra-pure water, process air, steam up to 130 °C, gas, liquids or pastes. Depending on the specific type, they are either equipped with an automatic locking system or can be coupled under residual pressure.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry and high temperature couplings

The chemical industry often uses higher process temperatures to achieve fast production processes. For this purpose, WALTHER’s high-temperature couplings are designed for media temperatures of up to 310 °C. Safe connection and disconnection of the lines is still possible even with initial incrustations. The couplings also meet the very highest safety standards for operators, with valves that close immediately squirtfree and heat-insulated handle elements. The robust and operationally safe two-sided blade connection ensures easy coupling. The high-temperature couplings are specially designed for maximum heat resistance and are durable and low-maintenance.

Chemical and pharmaceutical industry and emergency release couplings

Clean-break couplings in large nominal sizes are used for loading large volumes, which are also combined with a non-destructive emergency release device. The couplings are suitable for difficult liquid or gaseous media, ensure splash-free operation and prevent the entry of non-process-related substances during the coupling process. Emergency release couplings ensure maximum operational safety when loading in hose stations. For example, if a tank lorry unintentionally moves away from the loading point during loading, the emergency release coupling automatically and non-destructively disconnects the media line before the connection is torn off. This prevents the media from escaping and endangering people and the environment. The WALTHER emergency release couplings can be monitored electrically and automatically trigger the disconnection of the line based on a previously defined tensile load.