Walther Präzision Produktpalette

Hydrogen Refueling H2 70 MPa

Refueling nozzle and breakaway coupling 700 bar / 70 MPa

[Translate to English:] Betankungskupplung und Nottrennkupplung

Refueling nozzle 700 bar
H2 refueling nozzles of the HG series feature redundant locking technology and an additional pressure-activated safety lock. These features guarantee maximum safety during the refueling process.

The low-maintenance refueling nozzles, which are additionally protected by integrated dirt and moisture barriers, are easy to operate. A green ring, when visible, indicates that the nozzle is safely connected to the vehicle and ready for refueling.
Breakaway coupling 700 bar
The H2 refueling system includes a breakaway coupling. In the event the vehicle leaves the refueling station without disconnecting, the breakaway coupling reliably prevents damage to the system and uncontrolled leakage of H2.

The breakaway coupling of the WALTHER hydrogen refueling system is completely non-destructive, i.e. it has no predetermined breaking point. Therefore, operational readiness can be quickly and easily restored after an emergency separation. To do this, the line is depressurized using a ventilation tool and both sides of the separated breakaway coupling can simply be reconnected.


[Translate to English:] H2-Betankungskupplung
[Translate to English:] H2 Nottrennkupplung nach Trennung

Parking stations for the H2 refueling system 700 bar

[Translate to English:] Parkstationen-H2-Betankungskupplung

The parking stations for the WALTHER-H2 refueling nozzle have an integrated purging system (gaseous nitrogen or dried air). This prevents the refueling nozzle from freezing during refueling. An Integrated actuating system confirms when the nozzle is locked correctly in the parking station to make operation safe and easy.