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Environmental protection and drive technology using renewable energy sources are currently gaining in importance and will continue to do so in the foreseeable future.

What is selective corrosion (dezincification of brass)?

Paint Wetting Impairment Substances - Harmful to Paint Structures

Save time and money through the adaptability, flexibility and compatibility of our tool changing systems - benefit from our global experience in the automotive industry!

Since the 1950s, the cleaning of closed systems has become increasingly important.In the beginning, the systems had to be manually disassembled and cleaned when changing products or if other cleaning was required.

The quick-release couplings of our Clean-Break series CN meet the requirements of the Directive RL 2010/35 / EU on transportable pressure equipment in conjunction with ADR / RID 2017 and DIN EN 14432: 2014 for dangerous goods.

Introduced by the United Kingdom in 1887 to belittle the quality of rival German products, over the time the seal “Made in Germany” developed to a sign of superior quality. Today, the brand strength of “Made in Germany” is ranking first in the “Made-In-Country” index.

Specifics and dangers when handling with nitric acid

The destructive "explosive decompression" (AED / Anti-Explosive Decompression) of gases, and in particular of CO2, impacts a wide variety of applications in various industries and can cause loss of function to pressure-bearing components if no special precautions are taken.

The challenges posed by issues involving Industry 4.0 and the increasing spread of IOT as a result of ever-progressing digitisation are very special for classic mechanical engineering components such as hydraulic or pneumatic connecting elements or corresponding quick-release coupling systems: