Walther Präzision Produktpalette

Dust Caps Series SK/SL

Dust caps for self sealing couplings, thru type couplings as well as dust caps for self sealing adaptors and thru type adaptors


Features Series SK / SL

SK-028, SK-033, SK-036, SK-040, SK-048, SK-058, SK090
SL-014, SL-018, SL-020, SL-022, SL-023, SL-035, SL-048

The dust caps consist of a soft PUR plastic (blue) that is resistant to most water and oil based fluids. Since being plugged on the outer contours of the coupling parts the inner bores and plug faces protect the coupling parts against dirt and defects. The caps are designed for several coupling types thanks to specific elongation properties, however, not for pressure-tight use.

Have a collar for a better grip.

  • Have a latch and as far as the primary types are concerned
    these can be fastened directly on the coupling or adaptor housing.
  • For alternative fastening regarding other coupling types the
    latch can also be used e.g. on a hose or on an additional

Dust caps and dust plugs made from soft PVC are available for many couplings of our standard programme. 

  • Pressure-tight dust caps and dust plugs are correspondingly manufactured of metal for all coupling types.