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Docking Systems without connection system

Motion provided by the customer system can be used for the coupling process when used in an automated process. For this reason a simple plate design is sufficient. Only the inaccuracy of the feed motion must be compensated by appropriate guiding and centering devices.



When working pressures create excessive amounts of separation force additional mechanical locks can be considered, which hold the plates together under full pressure load.

We provide proximity sensors for checking the individual connection processes in order to enable integration of a docking system into the control process at the client’s facility.

Ready made:
It can be equipped with different coupling elements. Coupling elements of various nominal bores, self-sealing or clean-break elements for various pressure ranges and in media-appropriate materials. Versions can be combined with electric, measuring and power connectors.

Please urgently seek for advice in the following cases:
• Coupling/uncoupling under residual pressure
• Pulsating pressures
• Use of non-lubricating media
• Temperature-sensitive processes
• Interface reduction
• Special requirements for cleanliness
• Specific certifications
• Non-movable head of liquid
• Highly viscous media
• Optimization of flow rate