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Transportation Engineering

The Requirements

Quick couplings for use in vehicle systems must provide a safe connection for many years and in spite of extreme temperature fluctuations, constant vibration and extremely adverse conditions. This comprises smaller mono-couplings used for automotive applications as well as tailor-made docking systems for ships.

Particularly high demands with regard to fail-safe design and availability are made for railway systems. Connections in safety-relevant areas have to function reliably for a long period of time, even under heavy dynamic loads.

Our Solutions

Hochdruck Betankungs Kupplung

In railway engineering, our couplings are used, for example, for power supply, air-conditioning systems, for cooling transformers and rectifiers, and in hydraulic or pneumatic brake systems. In shipbuilding, our mono-couplings provide detachable connections for water, hydraulic and pneumatic lines. For many years, our docking systems have been successfully used for simultaneous loading and unloading of cross channel ferries with operating fluids such as fuel, water etc. In cars, our mono-couplings connect , for example, the hydraulic lines for soft-top roofs. They also allow for safe refuelling with alternative fuels such as gas and liquid hydrogen, or facilitate the installation and service of fluid systems. This includes engine cooling, heating and air-conditioning systems as well as brake systems.

Mono-couplings and multi-couplings specially designed for use in cooling systems

Quick couplings specially designed for braking systems requirements in rail vehicles

Quick Couplings for Hydrogen Refuelling

Quick coupling for compact hydraulics in vehicles. After bringing together the coupling halves, the coupling locks automatically. Oil-tight version, no leakage.

Multi-Couplings for loading and unloading of cross channel ferries