Walther Pr├Ązision Produktpalette

Car body shop


TOOLmaster 500 and 1000 with Parking Station

As a system the tool changers with its tool parking stations can be fitted with various electrical or fluid elements matching the intended application.

In the automobile industry, the system is used primarily in car body shops for gripping, welding, gluing, creasing, clinching, for riveting and for screw operations.

With the tool changer controller WASI 2, the system achieves the highest possible safety level (Performance Level "e").

The WASI 2 method of operation is extremely effective: When changing tools, for example, outside the protected zone (robot cell), an integrated safety stop function prevents the locking mechanism from accidental opening. In case an error message occurs, operation is only possible after manually overwriting this stop function. Uncontrolled undocking is thus prevented safely.

The tool parking stations are also integrated in the WASI 2 safety system.


Type 91362

Docking system with pneumatic docking to a pallet fiber-optic and electrical signal and pneumatic connection.


Type 90769

Manually operated multi-coupling with operating assistance for supply of hand-held welding gun.


Type LS-012

Safety coupling for supply of compressed air.


Type LP-006

Quick coupling for connection of air/gas and liquid lines.